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Procurement Information
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For general purchasing information, see VendorNet.

See specific grantee requirements for procurement in the Weatherization Manual, contract and other guidance provided, as applicable.

If you are interested in procurement opportunities, contact the weatherization agency in your area.

Specifications and Policy

Wisconsin Weatherization Materials and Specifications (6/24/2016)

Weatherization Program Manual Chapters 6 and 7 (2/7/2017)


Simplified Bids 

Modified for Simplified Bid - Appendix A Terms & Conditions Menu (10/12/2015)


Commodities RFBs

Commodities RFB (10/12/2015)


Loose-fill cellulose - Attachment 3 Cost Sheet (07/13/2015)  

Loose-fill cellulose - Attachment 4 Specifications (07/13/2015)


Refrigerator-Freezer Replacement & Disposal - Attachment 3 Cost Sheet-revised (03/06/2015)

With glass shelves - Refrigerator-Freezer Replacement & Disposal - Attachment 4 Technical Specifications -with glass shelves (03/16/2015)

Without glass shelves - Refrigerator-Freezer Replacement & Disposal - Attachment 4 Technical Specifications - minus glass shelves (03/16/2015)

"How To" Instructions for a Refrigerator-Freezer Procurement (03/16/2015)



Vehicle RFB (10/12/2015)  

Attachment 1- Examples Vehicle Specifications (5/28/2009)

Services RFBs

Services RFB (2/7/2017)

Emergency Furnace
Emergency Furnace Services RFB (10/12/2015)

Attachment 6 - Administrative Requirements for HE+ Emergency Furnace Program (10/03/14)

Optional Language for Attachment 6 - HE+ Emergency Furnace Program (10/03/14)

HE+ Furnace Program and Weatherization Heating System Attachments

Attachment 4 - Technical Specifications for WI Wx and HE+ Furnace Program (06/24/2016)

Attachment 5 - Valid Invoice Requirements for WI Wx and HE+ Emergency Furnace Program (12/27/2016)


Forms/templates - Misc.

Form for contractors to inform Suppliers-Subcontractors re Lien-related Requirements (06/18/2015)

Mandatory Attachments - ALL RFBs  (11/17/2011)
Attachment 1 - Vendor Information Form (02/04/2014)
Attachment 2A - Vendor Reference Form, Client
Attachment 2B - Vendor Reference Form, Financial

Appendix A - Wisconsin WAP Terms & Conditions (10/12/2015)

Contract Amendment Materials
Contract Amendment Template to remove requirement to collect lien waivers (06/18/2015)
Contract Amendment Template for Heating Systems - other (04/15/2015)
Contract Amendment Template for Payment Bonds (12/27/2016)

Annual Procurement Planning Template (04/02/2014)
Disposal & Approval to purchase Template for Vehicles and Equipment (10/12/2015)
Method of Award Examples (3/25/2010)
Minor Omissions Policy for Weatherization Agency Procurement Actions  (2/14/2014)
Procurement Records Checklist (4/15/2014)

Wisconsin WAP Retention Agreement Template (1/3/2012)
Contract Template (8/26/2016)
Payment Bond FAQ (2/7/2017)

OCI Search Help (12/27/2016)


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