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WisWAP Grantee Information
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Heating System information can be found on the Home Energy Plus Information page.

Department of Energy Plans

Draft Program Year 2022 DOE WAP Master Plan (3/04/2022)

Draft Program Year 2022 DOE Annual Plan (3/04/2022)


Weatherization Program Manual 

PY2022 Weatherization Program Manual Final (07/01/2021)

PY2022 Appendix A-Summary of Program Manual Changes (07/01/2021)

Weatherization Manual Change Submittal Form (12/7/2015)


Weatherization Program Information
Weatherization Service Territories (1/6/2021)

Weatherization Service Providers (7/30/2018)

EPA Renovate Right (7/7/2014)
Customer Bill of Rights (6/27/2017)
Customer Bill of Rights - Spanish (6/27/2017)

A Citizen's Guide to Radon (4/22/2013)

A Citizen's Guide to Radon - Spanish (5/9/2013)
EPA-HUD Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting (9/6/2011)

Asbestos Policy Implementation Plan Guide (2/10/2012) 


Wisconsin Weatherization Field Guide

2021 Wisconsin Weatherization Field Guide  MUST USE Internet Explorer (07/01/2021)

Chapter 1: Air Leakage and Air Sealing (11/09/2021)

Chapter 2: Heating Envelope Measures (11/09/2021)

Chapter 3: Heating Systems Measures (11/09/2021)

Chapter 4: Baseload Measures (11/09/2021)

Chapter 5: Health and Safety Measures (11/09/2021)

Chapter 6: Repair Measures (11/09/2021)

Chapter 7: Manufactured Housing Measures (11/09/2021)

Appendices 1 to 4: R-Values and Calculations (11/09/2021)



Wisconsin Weatherization Field Guide-Spanish Version-Guía de campo de la climatización Wisconsin

Spanish Field Guide Summary of Changes-Guia de Campo de Aclimatizaion de Wisconsin 2018-Cambios de la edicion de 2017 (06/28/2018)

Chapter 1: Diagnosing Air Leakage-Diagnostico y sellado de las fugas de aire  (11/23/2016)

Chapter 2: Heating Envelope Building Measures-Mediciones del cerramiento de calefaccion del edificio (11/23/2016)

Chapter 3: Heating System Measures-Mediciones del sistema de caldfaccion  (11/23/2016)

Chapter 4: Baseload Measures-Medidas de carga de base (11/23/2016)

Chapter 5: Health and Safety-Salud y seguridad (11/23/2016)

Chapter 6: Repair-Reparaciones (11/23/2016)

Chapter 7: Manufactured Housing Weatherization-Climatizacion de casas manufacturadas (11/23/2016)

Appendicies-Apendices (11/23/2016)


 Weatherization Technical Reports

2021 Self Evaluation Study (SES) 1-4 Unit Report 

2020 Report: Persistence of Weatherization Energy Services 


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