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WisWAP Grantee Information
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Heating System information can be found on the Home Energy Plus Program Information page.

Department of Energy Plans 
Draft Program Year 2014 DOE Annual Plan (04/28/2014)
Draft Program Year 2014 DOE Master Plan (04/28/2014)

Limited Weatherization (Wx) Services

Limited Weatherization Services - Policy & Specifications (1/06/2014)

Work Agreement for Limited Wx Both Rental & Homeowner (8/24/2012)

WisWAP Data Entry for Limited Wx Services (9/11/2012)

Field Forms 
Heating System Checklists, Combined (7/1/2013)
Health & Safety Inspection Checklist (FY2013) (6/20/2012)
Refusal of Ventilation: Release of Liability, Indemnification & Waiver of Claims
Ventilation in Your Home (7/19/2011)
Instructions for Ventilation in Your Home (7/19/2011)
WI WAP Lead Safe Weatherization Form (1/02/2013)
WI WAP Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist (5/23/2011)
Insulation Labeling Template (10/27/2011)
Deferral of Service Notification (12/20/2011)
Accrual of Benefits Form (9/9/2011)
Example of Completed Accrual of Benefits Form (2/10/2012)
Blower Door and Safety Testing Forms
Blower Door and Sealing Form - Moved to T&TA Website
Final Inspection Forms
2008 Minimum Performance Inspection Guidelines (11/27/2007)
Final Inspection Forms 

Weatherization Assistant and Audit Tools 
How to export NEAT or MHEA Client Records (7/5/2012)
How to import NEAT or MHEA Client Records (7/5/2012) 
FY2013 Therm Calculator - Moved to T&TA Website
FY2013 Electric Fuel Switch Calculator - Moved to T&TA Website
Furnace Useful Life Calculator - Moved to T&TA Website
Simple Freezer SIR Tool - Moved to T&TA Website
EF and RE for Indirect Water Heaters - Moved to T&TA Website
Refrigerator/Freezer Lookup (7/5/2012)
Refrigerator and Freezer Data 1979-1992 (7/5/2012)

ZIP Folders:
GIS- Base Data files (5/1/2006)
GIS- Wisconsin Data Files (5/1/2006)
Weatherization Assistant Software-Wa8905wi.exe (7/5/2012)

Weatherization Program Information
Weatherization Service Providers (9/11/2012)
EPA Renovate Right (7/7/2014)
Customer Bill of Rights (2/10/2012)
A Citizen's Guide to Radon (4/22/2013)
A Citizen's Guide to Radon - Spanish (5/9/2013)
EPA-HUD Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting (9/6/2011)
Asbestos Policy Implementation Plan Guide (2/10/2012) 
Grantee Health and Safety Planning Guide (11/5/2012)

Weatherization Manual Update Process 

Weatherization Manual Updates Flowchart (3/12/2014)

Weatherization Manual Timeline Descriptions (3/12/2014)
Weatherization Manual Change Submittal Form (3/12/2014)


Weatherization Manual 

FY2015 Wx Program Manual (4/15/2014)

FY2015 Wx Program Manual - Summary of Changes (4/15/2014)
Track-change Comparison Showing FY2015 Changes (4/15/2014)

Release of Liability - Optional (10/3/2012)

Release of Liability - Optional - Spanish (10/3/2012) 

Release of Liability - Optional - Hmong (10/3/2012)

Weatherization Program Rental Work Agreement (7/1/2013)

Weatherization Program Homeowner Work Agreement (7/1/2013)

Weatherization Program Homeowner Work Agreement - Spanish (6/23/2011)

Weatherization Program Rental Work Agreement - Spanish (6/23/2011) 


Wisconsin Weatherization Field Guide

Complete Field Guide (8/8/2013)

Chapter 1: Diagnosing Air Leakage (6/27/2013)

Chapter 2: Heating Envelope Building Measures (6/27/2013)

Chapter 3: Heating System Measures (8/8/2013)

Chapter 4: Base Load Measures (6/27/2013)

Chapter 5: Health and Safety (6/27/2013)

Chapter 6: Repair (6/27/2013)

Chapter 7: Manufactured Housing Weatherization (6/27/2013)

Appendices (8/8/2013)



Multifamily Resources (5+ Unit)

NEAT Modeling Options for 5-24 Units (1/23/2012)

Multifamily Buildings - Air Sealing Measures, Materials, Techniques, and Tools (3/22/2012)

WISWAP Manuals 
WisWAP Security Roles Matrix (7/31/2006)
WisWAP Security Agreement (9/1/2010)

Weatherization Technical Reports
2009-2013 WI Weatherization Program Savings Report - Full Report (7/3/2014)
2006 WX Demographic Study Final Report 
Alternative Purchasing Study Final Report 
ASHRAE 62.2 - 2004 Pilot Report (2005)
WI WAP Study on Training Delivery Systems 
Study of Mobile Home Belly Dual Insulation Results 
Field Study of Ventilation in WI WAP Homes (2006)
Field Study of Ventilation in WI WAP Homes- Appendicies (2006)
Impact of Ventilation on Weatherization Homes (2011)
High Efficiency Furnace SSE vs. AFUE Measurements Study (6/10/2008)
MHEA V8.3/V8.4 Comparative Analysis (1/08/2009) 

Vehicle and Equipment Disposal Template (4/15/2014)
Historic Review - List of Exempt Activities (4/15/2014)
Direct Labor Rate Calculation Template (5/4/2012)
Direct Labor Rate Monthly Variance Tracking Spreadsheet (5/4/2012)
FY13 Wx Manual Updates and Emergency Furnace Changes-PowerPoint (7/18/2012)
Overview of HE+ Furnace Program Changes - Wx Agency Perspective

Reminders for Working with the Direct Labor Spreadsheets (5/4/2012)
Cost Principles Presentation (7/18/2008)
OMB Circulars: A-110, A-122, A-133 (9/3/2008)
OMB Circular A-87 (9/3/2008) 



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